Big Butt Oil Wholesale

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The ideal solution for businesses seeking large quantities without labels. Perfect for bulk buyers, this offering allows you to customize and rebrand the product to suit your unique needs. The more you buy the more you SAVE.

25 units = $20/unit

50 units = $18/unit

75 units = $16/unit

100 units = $14/unit


Size: 6.8 fl oz 


1. Enlarge & Amplify: Transform your curves with a boost in buttocks and hips!

2. Firm & Fabulous: Say hello to toned and tightened skin – the ultimate glow-up!

3. Hydrate & Glow: Nourish your skin, enhancing its natural radiance.

4. Lift & Love: Give your buttocks a lift and more plump appearance.

Directions: Apply this oil on your buttocks and hips, massage up and down up to 50 times. For best results, make it a morning and nightly ritual to wake up to a firm, elastic, and irresistibly plump booty!